About Kim

kimjune2014Kim integrates the science of occupational therapy and neurobiology with cutting edge practice to support the conscious evolution of the human spirit. With 30 years of experience in the field of occupational therapy, Kim’s approach to serving clients is visionary and eclectic yet grounded and easy to integrate into your daily life.

Kim began her career as a pediatric occupational therapist serving children and adolescents with a broad spectrum of neurological and developmental disabilities. As the owner of Labyrinth Therapies in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Kim developed the first free-standing occupational therapy clinic outside of socialized medicine in Western Canada in 1989. This pioneering centre provided therapy services for children and developmentally disabled adults servicing Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario.

Kim has extensive post-graduate education. She is a Neuro-Developmental Treatment OT Instructor with the NDTA, teaching therapists worldwide the facilitation of movement skills for children and adults who experience challenges moving their bodies. Kim has also completed many clinical intensives and certifications in Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy and developmental biomechanics. Post-graduate study in anatomy and neurobiology has further strengthened Kim’s knowledge and understanding of movement.

Sensory processing and the neurobiology of attachment, abuse and addiction are the emphasis of Kim’s current practice, writing and teaching. Certified in the S.I.P.T. and extensive clinical experience mentored by master clinicians has lead Kim to develop expertise in Sensory Integration Therapy and what she calls “Sensory Processing Intervention”. Kim began studying sensory processing in 1982 while in university and has relentlessly researched, practiced and expanded her ideas in this field since those early days. Kim has brought the concepts of sensory processing to diverse populations, including children and adults with autism, attention deficit disorder, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, but more profoundly to populations with complex disorders combining psychiatric etiology and attachment based challenges.

Kim  is now world-renowned teacher and therapist, most active in the fields of relational trauma and sensory processing.  Her revolutionary process reinforces the importance of relationship in therapy; blending the art of intuitive inquiry with cutting edge developments in neuroscience.

Highly sought after as a facilitator and speaker, she collaborates with many different cultures, age-groups and nationalities including Keynote Speaking at the International Association for Study of Attachment in Cambridge, England and Bertinoro, Italy and presenting at the Science of Compassion Conference and Delegate at His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teachings in Mundgod, India. She travels extensively around the world developing services for children with developmental disabilities and trauma throughout India, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong and supported non-partisan caregiver agencies dealing with child trauma based in Israel.

In her own country of Canada, she has developed a mental health system for children in the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut, expanded services supporting high-risk youth in Winnipeg and was the keynote speaker at the Conference of Resilience for First Nations Healing, to name a few. Kim was the instructor in attachment theory and treatment through the Aulneau Centre in Winnipeg, the Canadian Restitution Centre for healing residential school trauma. She is the Author of “Evidence and Art” as well as contributing many chapters in different textbooks related to Occupational Therapy.

To empower personal reflection, she recently co-authored the national best-seller “Conversations with a Rattlesnake” with hockey legend and trauma advocate Theo Fleury.