Beyond Weight Bearing

Course Description

OT’s and PT’s working with children experiencing neurological challenges will benefit from participation in this intensive upper extremity workshop. This 3-day seminar will combine lecture, lab, video presentation and hands-on demonstrations with children. Content will focus on the characteristics of development of upper extremity use and grasp and manipulation in functional daily activities.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:

A Three Day Workshop

• Gain knowledge of the motor, sensory, cognitive and behavioral foundations for use of arm and hands for support, contact grasp and manipulation.
• Observe and identify essential postural, sensory and perceptual elements necessary to use the arms and hands functionally.
• Identify missing elements in children with developmental, neuro-motor or sensory processing challenges.
• Set goals, plan treatment and identify strategies to optimize strengths and minimize barriers to performance.
• Apply the knowledge and skills learnt to improve upper extremity function of children in daily activities.