Bob Spensley

Bob’s purpose as a natural connector is to bring people together for the greater good.

Currently, he is CEO and Co-founder of Relationship Matters – working closely with his wife Kim Barthel – helping develop training and support for professionals world-wide in many different forms. This involves developing relationships with various global partners, co-creating a multitude of contracts, editing resource materials and presentations, and navigating the complexities of a diversity of inspiring projects.

From 2001 to 2014, Bob was Co-founder and Principal of Sequoia Energy, developing responsible renewable energy projects. Sequoia initiated and developed large-scale wind energy projects on both sides of the Canada/US border and run-of-river hydro in British Columbia. InBC, Bob worked with several First Nations bands, most notably in partnership with the St’at’imcNation for over 3 years. During his time with Sequoia, Bob’s greatest joy and focus was on understanding and helping to nurture healthy community dynamics and partnerships.

From 1992 to 2001, Bob worked in the field of education in the Canadian Arctic. He had many roles, living in remote communities across Nunavut. Bob worked 4 years with Inuit teenagers. He initiated and spent 2 years managing a privately run, positive home setting for senior high school students from remote communities. Before that, initially as a volunteer, he spent 2 years supporting a larger regional Inuit highschool residence that was managed at the time by the Kivalliq Divisional Board of Education. 

He also worked 5 years with Nunavut Arctic College as Instructor, Adult Educator, Coordinator of Community Programs and occasionally, Acting Director. As an Instructor and Adult Educator, he was involved in co-creating a cooperative learning environment (learner-centred process and curriculum, with team teaching), he led interactive theatre for social change, and worked alongside many respected elders. In his administrational roles, based on community needs, he creatively found funding from government and industry and co-created culturally appropriate and multi-level employment readiness programs. A significant amount of energy was invested in community “inter-agency” facilitation and collaboration, with many learning experiences and successes along the way. In the Arctic,

Bob has lived in several multi-cultural settings in North America and Europe and continues to travel almost constantly. He speaks four languages fairly fluently, and he tried his best with Inuktitut for 9 years. Academically, Bob has degrees in History, Spanish Literature and Adult Education, he is certified with IAP2 (International Association for Public Participation) and continues to gain broad training and experience related to counselling and communication.