Broken Attachments

Feelings of loss, resulting in grief are triggered by many life situations besides the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of health through accident or serious illness, or the challenge of multiple foster care placements. This three day work- shop links together attachment theory as a framework for under- standing coping strategies with loss and grief and provides a path for potential treatment and intervention.

Three Day Workshop Objectives:

Day 1 – Early Attachment

Kim will provide an engaging and informative evening presentation on Attachment and will explain how bond- ing to a caregiver is not only crucial for a child’s sense of safety and well-being, but how it also affects early brain development.

Day 2 – Coping with Loss and Grief

This full day workshop will focus how children develop insecure attachments and how these broken attachments can affect an individual’s ability to cope with loss.

Day 3 – Repairing Broken Attachments

Our last day with Kim will explore more complex attachment issues such as abuse, multiple foster homes, or parental drug addiction. Kim will explore issues of grief and loss (often expressed as anger or mistrust) and lead us on a path to potential treat- ment and intervention.