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Invitation to Speak in London, England at an International Conference

Kim and Theo have been asked to share their life changing healing model of Breaking Free Through Healing Conversation with the international psychotherapy community. They will be attending the International Conference of Psychodrama, Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes at the University of London from August 28 to September 1. Kim and Theo are honoured to have […]

Compassion for Offenders – Bob Spensley

Tough topic.  Some cultures still take the literal position that “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” is absolutely justifiable.  Of all the people on earth, offenders (people who hurt people) are the ones most likely to be wished dead, or worse.  In jails, we’ve all heard stories how child-molesters often end […]

How Attachment Shapes Our Lives – Part III

Abuse by a caregiver has been shown in research to damage the right side of a child’s growing brain, interfering with how they regulate their emotions, communicate socially, solve problems and learn.  There is a tendency for dissociation – a process in which normally integrated thinking can become disjointed and disorganized. Parents who repeatedly rage […]

Helping is Healing

Did you know that you can make your brain work better and become healthier by helping others?  When you experience anxiety, depression or stress, helping others not only makes you feel good, but also changes the structure of your DNA. DNA is the code within your cells that makes you who you are and unique […]

Hope is Healing

As therapists we are positioned to bring new ideas and possible solutions to families of children with special needs. Often the families we are there to serve experience a “state of desparation” and “hopelessness”, floundering for ways to help their child. This state of vulnerability expressed by families can seemingly place us as professionals into […]

How Attachment Shapes our Lives

The following series of blogs stems from inspiration by work that is in process between Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury surrounding the topic of healing from sexual abuse. Many people who have been sexually abused define themselves through the lens of that abuse.  They believe that their sometimes addictive and chaotic behaviour is caused solely […]

Explaining Sensory Regulation in Layman’s Terms

Therapists frequently ask “How do I explain these concepts to parents?” “What is sensory regulation?” In order to participate in our every day tasks we need a background of alertness that is created in the brain allowing us to attend, think and participate. Different tasks require different states of arousal and alertness. The state needed […]

Connection, Fear and Sensory Processing

This is a topic near and dear to my heart! Studying the brain has taught me how intimately connected the sensory systems are to the emotional centers (limbic system) and the rational centers (frontal cortex) of the brain. The bucket of chemicals that lives inside the amygdala (amy for short) does not know the difference […]

What does Hypotonia have to do with Autism?

This is another wonderful frequently asked question! As you know there are so many variations to the theme of ASD and so really we are lumping a group of children together who someday may be differentiated like apples and oranges. Motor control issues are a prevalent aspect of challenge for many children with austim spectrum […]