Victor Walk Saskatchewan Begins July 18th

The Victor Walk is a national movement powered by an Orange Wave of Courage, the Victor Walk gives a voice to those affected by the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and rape. One in two girls and one in three boys falls victim to unwanted sexual advances before the age of 18. It has become […]

CAOT 2016 Conference Keynote Address

In August of 2016 Kim delivered the keynote address to the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists’ Conference that took place in Banff. We are happy to share an article that was published in Occupational Therapy Now. The article is a summary of her keynote. CAOT Keynote Address August 2016

The Boy Who Could Run, But Not Walk

Here is a fantastic book sharing the story of Dr. Karen Pape and her journey with children working to recover and to improve their situations. This book is a great resource for families in helping them understand the ability of the brain to change and heal itself. Read more…               […]

Theo Fleury is Giving Voice to Fellow Survivors of Abuse

This story appears in the July 4–11 edition of Sports Illustrated He hides in the shadows, stage left, and stares into the light past the curtains. He breathes in slow, and then out fast. The four other members of the band have taken their places. The crowd waits for him. “F‑‑‑‑‑‑ sold out,” he says. “Now […]

Adventures from the Book Tour – By Bob Spensley

Thanks to event organizers and encouraging hosts across the country! We visited Banyen Books, a couple McNally Robinsons, very many Costcos, some Chapters and Indigos, the Toronto International Book Fair, Ben McNally, many universities, schools, community centres and arenas, a couple libraries, a Friendship Centre, a transition home, a conference centre, a city hall, a […]

The Three Wise Men – by Bob Spensley

If I were faced with an angry bench-clearing brawl headed towards me, there are three men who I’d wish were beside me as teammates. I’d want them with me because they instill fear in opponents, and there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to protect their own. In this way, they are strong men, and between them, […]