Helping Hands

If you are a physiotherapist or an occupational therapist working with the paediatric population, then HELPING HANDS is the workshop for you!

HELPING HANDS is designed to expand your knowledge of upper extremity motor control and treatment. Enhance your assessment skills in the areas of paediatric prehension patters eye-hand coordination and upper extremity/trunk control contributions to fine motor performance. this interactive workshop will provide you with practical strategies on how to prepare the body for fine motor control combined with a pragmatic approach bridging movement into functional task performance.

This workshop is just right for the therapist working in the clinic, community or school environment using both consultative and direct treatment methods.

HELPING HANDS is one of the first workshops to b organized in Singapore focusing specifically on paediatric upper extremity rehabilitation.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of helping hands participants will be able to:

identify current motor control theories and neurological contributions to fine motor skills.

develop and sasses prehension patterns.

perform therapeutic approaches preparing the hand upper extremity and trunk for fine motor adaptive skills, including myofascial techniques, mobilization techniques, neuro-develpmental treatment and sensory processing strategies.

bridge techniques to integrate the “prepared” hand and body into a fine motor task.