November 23, 2017 – Challenging Behaviours: Addressing Sensory Processing and Emotional Issues in Early Childhood

Attachment TheoryTORONTO, ON

Sensory processing inevitably affects an individual’s subjective experience and subsequent behaviours in response to sensory input. Are behaviour issues a result of neuropsychological limitations in sensory processing or a manifestation of social and emotional experiences? Traditionally, practice models have attempted to isolate these two features as separate contributions of functional performance, however when viewed holistically, both are integrated and overlapping aspects of human behaviour that affect each other, for better or worse.

Discriminating skills and tools are necessary for practitioners working with infants and young children to identify the basis of complex behavioural issues. When sensory issues are at play, distinct strategies can be used to improve the quality of experience for both the child and caregiver.

The workshop is based upon cutting edge research bridging translational research from the elds of neuro- science, occupational therapy, psychology and trauma psychiatry to provide an understanding of the integrated neurobiology of sensory processing and emotional issues resulting in “challenging behaviour”. Participants will come to understand where sensation and mental health concerns entwine on the integrated sensory-emotional continuum. This understanding, in turn, will allow for easier early learning, intervention planning, and treatment strategies speci c to the home and child care environment which are based upon active analysis of identi ed behavioural concerns.

This presentation will enable participants to:

• understand the neurobiology of challenging behaviours. • distinguish between sensory, emotional and cognitive components of behaviour.

• analyze various overlapping contributions to behaviours. • integrate theories of intervention into a holistic approach to complex behaviours.

• develop treatment techniques, relationship-building tools and dialoguing skills for working with young children with complex needs and their caregivers.


Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning
686 Bay St, Toronto ,ON
Event Room 1


In person: IMHP Members $120, Non-Members $150 WEBCAST/ OTN: Members $400, Non-Members $500

Space is limited to 75 in person participants

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