October 19 & 20, 2017 – Self-Regulation: Pathways to Learning

Behavioural ScienceKANATA, ON

Course Description & Objectives

This two-day workshop is an introduction to the elements of self-regulation and its profound influence upon learning. Many children have trouble with regulation and balancing their sensory systems which can disrupt the learning environment and social interaction. Strategies will be introduced to assist teachers, support staff, therapists and caregivers in managing varying activity levels, emotional regulation difficulties, and executive function skills such as attention, impulse control and information retention. This course is designed for educators (teachers, EAs, ECEs, learning resource consultants), therapists, consultants and parents.

The learner will develop an understanding of:

• strategies to adapt the classroom/therapy environment for learners with special needs.

• the science of movement as it supports learning.

• learning theory and universal design education.

• attunement and its effect on learning.

• sensory processing intervention.


Kanata Recreation Centre
100 Walter Baker Place, Kanata, ON

Early Registration Fee for 2 Day Workshop:

Up to September 15, 2017: $350

Regular Registration Fee for 2 Day Workshop:

After September 15, 2017: $395


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