October 5, 2017 – How Attachment Shapes Our Lives

Attachment TheoryTHE PAS, MB

This one-day introductory workshop will help parents and professionals alike to enhance their understanding of how early developmental experiences significantly shape a child’s brain, behaviour and learning capacity.

Typically, the attachment between an infant and a loving parent or caregiver creates a lasting sense of security and safety for the child, which facilitates optimal growth and development. When the attachment relationship is disrupted or chaotic however, children feel insecure, unsafe and anxious. Participants will acquire an elementary understanding of attachment strategies, self-regulation and the immense value of healthy relationships on our lives.

This Workshop offers a compassionate understanding of why people do what they do.


  • Develop an introductory understanding of the science of attachment and its impact on stress and coping mechanisms
  • Appreciate how early parent-child interactions directly contribute to the process of emotional self-regulation and learing
  • Understand potential outcomes of dysregulation up0on behaviour and cognitive function
  • Reflect on attachement patterns throughout the lifespan
  • Gain practical tools for facilitating positive change through attunement and compassion


TIME: 8:30 – 4:40



Royal Canadian Legion
4 Veterans Way
The Pas, MB



Fee: $25 (includes lunch)

To register contact Donna Tumak

Phone: 204-623-9670

Email: dtumak@nrha.ca


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