Personal Growth Workshops

honourresistanceHonour the Resistance to Your Gifts: Develop your Intuition

In this time of powerful change, many are maximizing their potential and finding greater purpose in their lives by using intuition as their guide. The use of intuition can provide powerful guidance supporting everyday decision making. Whatever path you are on in life, there has never been a better time to find the freedom, clarity, joy and integration of all aspects of your life. Overcoming your fears will offer you the chance to create the life you always knew, deep down, you could live. When ‘opening’ to the intuitive voice, it is often difficult to discern between the sound of your mind or the voice of your heart speaking to you. This workshop will provide the experience you need to learn and trust the deeper, wiser voice within. In order to hear this voice you will need to honor (be aware) of the resistance…the fears that many of us acquired early in life. Whether it is felt as an inner experience or seen in the circumstances of your life, this resistance is legitimate feedback that can guide you to a true, deep listening of your inner voice and can show the path towards a life of greater meaning. This workshop will help you see your resistance and transform it into an intuitive message of hope. You will learn:

  • What is resistance and how it can guide you to your inner voice
  • How to transform your resistance into illumination
  • The science and experience of your personal intuition
  • How to create a focus of awareness
  • Creating reality and building on your belief systems
  • Sensing and applying energy
  • Communicating what you sense and feel
  • Overcoming mental noise

Truly hearing and finally trusting your intuition

Participants will leave this workshop feeling supported in their personal development.

Each will have the tools necessary to continue their journey of realizing their most profound potential. In that process they will move towards a recognition of healing and love that they can draw upon.