Relationship Matters

Kim Barthel Bob Spensley

Bob Spensley and Kim Barthel in Québec City, Québec

Relationship Matters is a transforming force, which helps shape positive change in an ever-changing world. Co-founded by Kim Barthel and Bob Spensley in Victoria, BC, it has been described as the “umbrella under which both of them dance in the rain”. But there is far more than just dancing going on here.

Mentoring, sharing, supporting, teaching, coaching, sustaining and innovating, are a few words to describe the ways that this organic organization touches and shapes the lives of people around the world.

With a non-existent fear of travel and a never-ending will to help, Bob and Kim work with individuals, private clinics, school boards, hospitals, government agencies, NGO’s, universities, group homes, not-for-profit organizations, and corporations to find innovative ways of changing the minds, hearts, bodies and ultimately the souls of those that are looking to break free of their unique individual prisons.

Relationship Matters is considered an agent of change by providing a wide-range of customized services:

  • CONSULTANT – Kim is a consultant to a series of therapy providers and businesses; she assesses clients and situations with complex challenges and supports senior management in leadership, program development and implementation.
  • SPEAKER/TEACHER – Kim is a prolific and unique speaker/teacher; her knowledge and experience is extremely wide ranging and her presentation style is personal, engaging, culturally relevant and universal.
  • MENTOR – Several individuals use Kim as a professional/personal coach; taking into account the time zone differences, they arrange convenient times for online video or phone calls for working through the real obstacles to their success.
  • AUTHOR – At present, aside from contributing to a chapter on early intervention in pediatric rehabilitation in a textbook called Occupational Therapy Frames of Reference, Kim is writing Decoding Autism for Parents, which Bob is co-editing and managing. This book on autism, helping make a complex disorder more understandable and appreciated, stems from Kim’s many years of teaching on this topic world-wide.
  • SUPPORT and SUSTAINABILITY – Bob’s uncompromising care and encouragement as CEO and editor often means managing contracts and partnerships, supporting the delivery of Kim’s trainings and the creation of her educational resources, and strategic business development.
  • PROJECT CONSULTANT – Bob’s background in facilitation on projects in sensitive multi-cultural settings supports people and organizations looking to attract genuine relationship building, common sense and sustainability.
    • SYNCroSI and The SYNCroSI Centre in
      Shenzhen, China – Following the holistic philosophy and practice of SYNCroSI, this centre of excellence in mainland China, just outside Hong Kong, is operating as of June, 2017 and currently supporting children and families of kids with special needs on many levels. Owned and managed by local visionary Gary Chen, Relationship
      Matters is instrumental to this Centre’s initiation and daily practice through both on-site and distance staff training and consistent management support.
Kim Barthel Bob Spensley

Kim and Bob in South Korea

  • VOLUNTEERS – Kim and Bob are honoured to do what they can to support a small number of important humanitarian missions.
    • Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community, One key passion for their family (along with their 21 year old daughter Lista) is supporting the sustainability of Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community in Arunachal Pradesh, India. This inspiring community and its co-founder Lobsang Phuntsok are the basis for the multi-award winning documentary Tashi and the Monk.
    • The Breaking Free Foundation based in Alberta, Canada.  This foundation, with its key spokesperson Theo Fleury, advocates across Canada for the healing of all forms of trauma, and coordinates its annual Victor Walk to bring grass-roots support for mental health.  Additionally, The Breaking Free Foundation helps pay for counselling services for people who cannot afford them.
    • Conversations with a Rattlesnake – This national bestselling book in Canada was co-authored by Theo Fleury and Kim, and largely edited and co-managed by Bob. Coupled with its website, this unique read offers support to people healing from trauma and also to those who are in the position of helping others.
    • Kim and Theo – When these two co-present, lives are often changed. They love to work together because of the way they can reach people of different stripes and backgrounds. Also co-managed by Bob, Kim and Theo present day-long healing events with the public and with corporations, they speak in prisons with inmates and guards alike, always aiming to prevent emotional pain, stop the cycle of trauma and get people the help they need. Their website is currently in development.
Kim Barthel Theo Fleury

Kim and Theo Fleury in Calgary, Alberta