September 13-14, 2017 – Expanding Your Toolbox: Integrating Therapeutic Approaches in Pediatrics

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Discover How to Expand Your Toolbox

There are many different frames of reference that blend together to form a holistic approach to pediatric intervention. Combining and integrating theories assists in deepening the detective work necessary for problem-solving and development of an optimal individualized treatment plan.

The goal of this workshop is to provide a 2-day integrated learning experience. Through videos, client demonstrations and practical lab work each day, you will have the opportunity to do assessments, problem-solve and learn treatment skills as they directly apply to clients. Come and participate in a stimulating learning environment where you are actively engaged with experienced teachers and therapists. Self-reflection is encouraged throughout; the goal of this workshop is integration of skills that are essential for the management of children with a variety of challenges including difficulties with movement, self- regulation, behavior, and social-emotional development.


What are the treatment theories and techniques that will be integrated during this workshop?

  • Attunement and tuning in – the backdrop of therapy
  • Processing sensation and organizing arousal
  • Understanding posture – holding on and staying put
  • Dynamic Core for Kids – the development of central stability
  • Developmental Movement Patterns – foundations for function
  • Handling for alignment and functional movement
  • Seeing and moving – putting the eyes in the picture


What are the learning objectives for this workshop?

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand, both theoretically and practically, how multiple systems contribute to motor function in a wide variety of pediatric clien
  • Assess pediatric clients using a systems model framework, implementing both observational and hands-on assessment sk
  • Develop and carry out an individualized, integrative treatment plan for motor function in pediatric clients.
  • Engage comfortably in actively problem-solving assessment and treatment scenario


Kim Barthel OTR
Shelley Mannell PT



Camrose, Alberta
The Bethany Group (Auditorium)
4612 53 Street


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