September 21- 23, 2018 – Decoding Autism: From Understanding Neurobiology to Choosing Intervention Strategies

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This three-day workshop blends cutting-edge neurobiology with treatment strategies supporting clinicians,

pediatricians, educators and caregivers who serve the Autism Spectrum Disordered population.

Through a series of lectures, participants will leave with multidimensional understanding of Autism

Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through deepened insights into epigenetics, neural connectivity, immunology,

relationship-based intervention and sensory-motor treatment programs.

Current and in-depth understanding of the mechanisms of the brain-body science of ASD allows service

providers to create evidence-informed choices of treatments for individual clients across a wide range of

treatment modalities.



DAY 1:

Neurobiology of the Brain with Autism Learners will develop:

  • a preliminary understanding of the current science of genetic/environmental interaction in the development of ASD
  • a basic understanding of neurotransmitters involved in ASD
  • an understanding of how the immune system and the brain interact and how this affects behaviour treatment techniques to support regulation (sensory, cognitive and emotional)

DAY 2:

The Science of Regulation and Attunement Learners will:

  • develop an understanding of the science of sensory processing as it contributes to regulation and behaviour in children with ASD
  • an update of the research of sensory processing intervention for the child with ASD
  • develop an understanding of sensory processing in the brain with autism as it contributes to learning and function (i.e. sensory processing intervention, therapeutic listening, colour therapy glasses, integrated listening system, vestibular protocols)

DAY 3:

Sensory Processing Intervention and Motor Intervention Learners will:

  • develop an understanding of the brain parts involved in motor control in ASD
  • learn treatment for the motor system in clients with ASD
  • develop an appreciation of handling skills through demonstration and video and therapeutic activities to support the treatment of movement challenges.


DATES:  September 21, 22 and 23 2018



The Winston Golf Club (Majestic Ballroom)
2502 6 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta, T2E 3Z3
Phone: 403-984-1700
Free parking on site



  • Clinicians (Occupational Therapists,
  • Physiotherapists, Speech Language
  • Pathologists, Psychologists, Social Workers),
  • School Administrators, Teachers, Special
  • Education Teachers, Educational Assistants,
  • Pediatricians and Parents/Caregivers.



All 3 days:

  • $625 – Early Bird Rate (by July 27, 2018)
  • $685 – Regular Rate (by August 31, 2018)



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