Setting the Stage for Function

Empty stage with red curtain in expectation of performanceThis two day workshop will integrate current research of neurobiology and mindbody science as it relates to occupational performance. These principles will be applicable to occupational therapists serving diverse populations. From pediatrics to geriatrics, from physical medicine to psychiatry, from neurology to
orthopedics, this workshop will provide innovative concepts and principles preparing clients for functional skill acquisition. Therapists will learn techniques bridging theoretical concepts into treatment strategies through instruction and practical application in lab sessions. Preparation of arousal states, motivation, and engagement in the learning process will be instructed through the introduction of sensory processing interventions and mind body techniques. These strategies combined with therapeutic use of self through connection will cover the bases in setting the stage for functional task performance. Finally, therapists will learn to analyze the motor components of task and develop problem solving skills to enhance motor skill acquisition. This workshop will leave you with a fresh view of approaching your practice when you return to the clinic.

Learning Objectives:

  • Therapists will begin to understand how therapeutic relationship affects neurology, setting the stage for attention and learning.
  • Therapists will begin to comprehend the neurophysiology of arousal states, “paying attention” and the executive functions involved in task performance.
  • Therapists will learn a variety of techniques to influence these states necessary for learning. Sensory processing techniques, acupressure, dialoguing, scripting, and meditation will be introduced as preparatory “bridges” for task performance.
  • Therapists will begin to understand the physiology of mind body science as it relates to health and healing in therapeutic practice.
  • Therapists will begin to understand how the brain contributes to the production of movement. Analysis of functional movement is combined with strategies for motor learning as preparations for task acquisition.
  • Therapists will complete the workshop with an introductory problem solving approach to looking behind the scenes at skills necessary for maximizing functional performance.

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