What people are saying about Kim:


“This course tied a lot of different things together and allowed me to think “out of the box” 

Tracey Williams, Physical Therapist (MPT/DPT)


“Kim is such a wealth of knowledge in not only sensory, reflexes, NDT, but also of the emotional piece of development.  I’d love to be able to stalk her for a few months to learn more!”

Patty Iammatteo, MS/OTR


“ Kim imparts her wealth of knowledge and experience and offers it in a very engaging and meaningful learning experience.”

Kathy Pyne, Occupational Therapist


“Kim Barthel was eloquent, engaging, and knowledgeable.  Easy and integrative approaches were provided immediately.  Will take another course with her.”

Kenda Chavis, Occupational Therapist


“This course really got me tuned in to the importance of developmental movement patterns and ways I can help to balance/integrate those for my patients in order to get better movement.” 


Jen Keiber, PT, MPT, MBA

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