Becoming a Behavioural Detective: Understanding, Surviving and Supporting Complex Behaviours


Becoming a Behavioural  Detective: Understanding, Surviving and Supporting Complex Behaviours

This introductory workshop is designed to assist parents, teachers, caregivers, one-to-one workers and professionals involved in the educational and mental health field learn to support children with behavioral challenges and learning problems. The sensory processing approach assists caregivers and professionals in “looking beyond the behavior” and into the nervous system. It helps with understanding how the child’s behavior is a manner of coping. Strategies in adapting the environment, altering interaction and providing appropriate supports for children who have difficulty with processing sensory information will be provided. Many children with different diagnoses experience challenges in the manner in which they process sensory information (for example, learning disabilities, developmental coordination disorder, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, and emotional behavioral disorders). This workshop is designed to assist in problem solving behaviors and learning based on observations that look beyond the label.